Click on calendar link to find out schedule.

JV Teal Team
Chadwell, Newell, Walsh, Hogwood, D Jones, LeFevre, Williams, Heath, Sawyer, Collier, Hobbs, Devine-Henderson, Dickinson, Reid, Ancrisani

JV Black Team
Allen, Loper, Brinn, Jeffers, Ornsby, Fain, McGaro, Nelson, Gattsek, Jackson, Laurents, Strawhand, McGaro, Self, Scott

Monday Varsity Team
Ott, Snellinger, Watermolen, Doran, Pascale, Boyd, Smith, B Barnes, Gulisano, Wheeler, Portela, Brunelle, Bailey, Brown, Culpepper, Harrel.

Wednesday Varsity Team
Eason, Kalina, Harrel, Culpepper, Fain, Boyd, Smith, B Barnes, Brunelle, Gulisano, Portela, Bailey, Brown, Tripp, Vanderwahl, Wheeler*

Wednesday Elite League
Zerhouni, Ott, Dunaway, Snellinger, Dzarnowski, Watermolen, Crosson, Doran, Delaura, Pascale, Miller, Stanley, Sampson, C Barnes, Mustain, Wheeler*

Wheeler will check with Coach Kraft to see which game to go to on Wednesday nights.

-Coaches will let players know how much fall fees are after first game. Please try to pay by the next game.
-Players please be at game 45 minutes prior to start.
-For all home games, players should wear white pants and a black shirt (we will be ordering t-shirts for the players this week). For all away games, players should wear grey pants and a black shirt

******If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Hank.Kraft@cpschools.com*********