Varsity Black Team- Simmons, Chadwell, Vinerov, Affatato, B Redding, W Raftery, Puszczalo, Hanbury, Kennedy, Kraft, Barks, Blackburn, Bachman, Dekker, Cozart, Baker, Dehart
-Play on Tuesdays, Practice on Mondays (5pm to 7pm), Optional Practice on Thursdays.

Varsity Teal-
Jones, Harding, Dugan, A Redding, Perillo, B Raftery, Suddeth, Bynum, Green, Scarborough, Farrer, Longo, Kemmick, Goodwin, Martin,
Pitcher Floaters- Dehart, Kennedy, Cozart
-Play on Thursdays, Practice Tuesdays (6pm to 7:30pm).

Hickory White-
Longo, Kemmick, Goodwin, Martin, Suddeth, Bynum, Littlefield, Galligan, Lewis, Garcia, Bruner, Kermit.
Catcher Floaters- A Redding and Scarborough (alternate games)
-Play on Wednesdays, Practice day TBD

-Some players are on two teams. Make sure you check all teams for your name!!
-Fees are 100 per player. Checks made payable to Hickory Baseball Club. Please make payment by Sept 21st.
-Check Website Calendar for games. Any changes to game will be made on Facebook or twitter so please follow Hickory Baseball to get updates.
-Players should be on field and ready to warm up 45 minutes prior to game.
-Wear Black or Teal T-shirt to games. T-shirts have been ordered for new players and are on the way.
-White pants for home games and Grey pants for road games. For new players-If you don’t have the right pants, wear what you got and we will figure it out.
-If you play on two teams just wear what you have and we will figure it out.
-Players can wear shorts and t-shirts for practice and please have tennis shoes to hit in building.

-No parent or player is allowed to park in lot near softball field and tennis courts until 5pm or later.
-Middle school parents will pick up at middle school cul de sac or back behind school by the bus lanes.
**any issues with parking will result in the end of your players fall season**


If any player has any questions, please feel free to find Coach Kraft (or Coach Hardison) at school or email Hank.Kraft@cpschools.com

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